Climate Change and Carbon Markets


  • We are assisting one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world on international trade/World Trade Organization and competitiveness aspects of US and foreign climate change legislation, including in the context of the ongoing legislative debate about US cap-and-trade legislation the US Congress (Waxman-Markey, Kerry/Boxer) as well as certain aspects of the UNFCCC international climate change negotiations.
  • We have advised a car sharing and car club service with respect to generating, documenting and offering for sale Zero Emission Vehicle credits pursuant to the Zero Emission Vehicle program in California
  • We are advising a synthetic fuel manufacturer in connection with issues relating to the development and production of alternative fuels under various domestic climate change related programs, including the Cellulosic Fuel Producer Credit, EPA’s renewable fuels standard and regulatory requirements for alternative fuels, and related administrative and legislative developments
  • We represent a European Union-based trade association with respect to its US, EU and worldwide policy, advocacy and legal strategy in the UNFCCC climate change negotiations, with a particular focus on technology transfer and intellectual property (IP) issues
  • We advise a regional trade association in New England on environmental and energy issues in general, and specifically with respect to the development of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in the Northeast United States as well as domestic climate change legislative and regulatory proposals and their potential impact on companies in the New England region
  • We represent three separate investment companies on issues relating to emission trading, both domestic as well as international, and advise these companies on opportunities presented in various federal and international climate change proposals, including tax credits and incentives for the production or use of alternative fuels
  • We represent PACT, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to building empowered communities, effective governments and responsible private institutions that give people an opportunity for a better life, with respect to evaluating potential Clean Development Mechanism projects to sequester carbon or develop alternative energy sources in developing countries, including evaluating project finance options and partnerships with local capacity building organizations