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  • Regularly advise information technology suppliers and service providers on defense and intelligence agency contract competitions, including evaluation of agency requirements, proposal preparation and bid protests.
  • Advise defense and intelligence agency contractors and subcontractors on patent, software and technical rights in devices and software products used to collect, manage and analyze government data.
  • Counsel for cloud services companies on the FedRAMP cloud service accreditation program, data location constraints, secure transmission requirements and continuous monitoring programs.
  • Advise leading cloud service vendors on FAR and DFARS cybersecurity standards, cyber incident reporting requirements and “insider threat” program requirements.
  • Advise information technology and analytics contractors on nontraditional contracting instruments available through the Defense Department's DIUx technology acceleration office; cooperative research and development agreements with federal laboratories; “other transaction” agreements with DARPA, IARPA, HS-ARPA and ARPA-E; and In-Q-Tel technology investment agreements.