Investigations, litigation and enforcement actions launched by state attorneys general are becoming increasingly commonplace, and present unique challenges that require a specific skillset to address and resolve.

Companies engaged with a state attorney general face formidable challenges and a range of reputational, practical and legal considerations. State AG offices bring to bear significant resources when challenging an organization's conduct, leaving companies to navigate complicated legal, public relations and crisis management hurdles. WilmerHale's diverse bench of seasoned lawyers—co-led by former Colorado State Attorney General (and Senator and Interior Secretary) Ken Salazar—includes many who have served at the most senior levels of government and who bring deep policy and industry experience to matters. Our team possesses a critical understanding of the wide-ranging challenges prompted by AG investigations and enforcement actions, and has the talent and foresight to resolve them. In the face of investigations by attorneys general in states including New York, California, Massachusetts, Illinois and Washington, and in multistate actions, we work closely with our clients to address allegations of misconduct and liability, and to preserve their public image. When litigation is required and the stakes are high, we offer sophisticated representation in defending clients across industries.


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Gorelick, Jamie

Jamie Gorelick

Chair, Regulatory and Government Affairs Department

Co-Chair, Strategic Response Group

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Salazar, Ken

Ken Salazar


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Gorelick, Jamie

Jamie Gorelick


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Jonas, Stephen A.

Stephen A. Jonas


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Lange, Perry A.

Perry A. Lange


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Lee, Brenda E.

Brenda E. Lee


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Hallie Levin

Hallie B. Levin


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Neiman, Peter G.

Peter G. Neiman


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Rabner, Nicole

Nicole Rabner


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Our lawyers are well known and respected among the AG ranks. We have a keen understanding of the different considerations and implications of each jurisdiction because we have handled matters on behalf of clients in 47 states, as well the District of Columbia and US Virgin Islands. We also have significant experience effectively coordinating and representing companies in multistate AG investigations, including investigations of unfair and deceptive acts and practices and parallel proceedings.

We advocate on behalf of our clients and offer a clear perspective on how government agencies, including the AG's office, approach issues within their purview. We have significant experience representing corporate counsel in government investigations, and represent corporations and their executives in criminal and civil investigations conducted by state AGs.

Our lawyers include leaders in antitrust, False Claims Act actions, consumer protection investigations, information securities matters and beyond, as well as practitioners who are well versed in a range of industries, from pharmaceutical and dietary supplements to communications, financial services, and energy and the environment. We implement critical strategies that help clients avoid litigation or, if litigation is imminent, that succeed in preserving their business objectives and reputation.

Today, state AGs and other regulators are increasingly active in evaluating business responses and public statements to cyber incidents. We have experience helping large financial institutions and global corporations determine whether and how to brief regulators about a data intrusion event. Companies have called on us to respond to investigations relating to cyber matters and to advise on escalation and disclosure procedures and cyber disclosure risk factors.