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Denver Co-Partner-in-Charge Natalie Hanlon Leh Edits Leading Book on Discovery Issues in Colorado

July 31, 2017

By Natalie Hanlon Leh, Nora Q.E. Passamaneck

Natalie Hanlon Leh, co-partner-in-charge of WilmerHale's Denver office, served as co-managing editor of Discovery in Colorado, a recently released practical guide to the application of the Colorado and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure governing the discovery process in the state.

Contributors to Discovery in Colorado included leading attorneys and judges with backgrounds in private, in-house and government practice. In addition to co-editing the book, Hanlon Leh co-authored a chapter on depositions with fellow WilmerHale Counsel Nora Passamaneck.

The Colorado Bar Association recently used the book as the basis for a full-day CLE course, "Discovering Discovery," intended to help the state's legal community navigate recent changes in civil litigation, including the proliferation of electronic data and new rules on both the state and federal level that create increasingly difficult challenges for preserving, managing and producing electronically stored information. Both Hanlon Leh and Passamaneck participated in the CBA CLE course as presenters.