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Fleming Honored with Induction into American Academy of Appellate Lawyers

WilmerHale Partner Mark Fleming Honored with Induction Into American Academy of Appellate Lawyers

October 5, 2016

WilmerHale Partner Mark Fleming was recently inducted into the prestigious American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, a major recognition of his accomplishments in appellate advocacy and the respect he has earned from fellow practitioners and jurists alike.  

According to the academy, its membership "is open only to a person who possesses a reputation of recognized distinction as an appellate lawyer." It is limited to 500 members in the US who are elected into the academy after being nominated by a member and vetted by an evaluation committee. Fleming's election makes him one of just four academy members in Massachusetts and 19 in all of New England.

Fleming serves as vice chair of the firm's Appellate and Supreme Court Litigation practice. He has worked on more than 100 appellate cases and presented oral argument in 25 of them, including five before the Supreme Court of the United States and eight before the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. 

He has also argued before the First, Third, Eighth, Ninth, and District of Columbia Circuits and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court. Fleming clerked for US Supreme Court Justice David Souter, Judge Michael Boudin of the First Circuit, and Justice John Major of the Supreme Court of Canada. He also served as an associate legal officer in the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.