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PLC Cross-border Life Sciences Handbook Again Recognizes WilmerHale Among Top Firms

December 19, 2007

The PLC Cross-border Life Sciences Handbook 2007/08 has again recognized WilmerHale as a leading law firm in the area of life sciences. The firm received an overall ranking of “highly recommended” in Life Sciences in the US, and “recognized” in England.

In the US, PLC listed the firm with the following life sciences-related rankings: “leading” in Commercial/Partnering and Corporate, “highly recommended” in Intellectual Property and in Patent Counseling, and “recommended” for Regulatory and Competition/Antitrust work. In England, WilmerHale was named as “recommended” for Competition/Antitrust and Corporate work, and was “recognized” in the Intellectual Property category.

In addition to the firm rankings, the handbook honored eight individual WilmerHale partners:

Steven Barrett – “Recognized” in USA Commercial & Partnering
Robert Barry – “Recommended” in England Intellectual Property
James Czaban – “Recommended” in USA Regulatory
William Lee – “Highly Recommended” in USA Intellectual Property
David Redlick – “Highly Recommended” in USA Corporate
Henry Wixon – “Highly Recommended” in USA Patent Counseling
Alfred Server – “Leading” in USA Commercial & Partnering
Steven Singer – “Leading” in USA Commercial & Partnering; “Highly Recommended” in USA Corporate

Lawyers and law firms recognized by PLC are categorized, in order of prestige, under “leading,” “highly recommended,” “recommended,” or “recognized.”

The PLC Cross-border Life Sciences Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the law and leading law firms and lawyers in the life sciences practice area worldwide. The reported information is gathered through extensive research and thorough interviews with clients and practitioners to identify the firms and individuals that the market considers to be most knowledgeable in the life sciences practice area. To learn more about PLC or to view any of its handbooks, please visit