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Hale and Dorr Teams with Citizen Schools in Mock Trials at Federal Court House

December 1, 1999

As part of the firm's Youth and Education Initiative, several Hale and Dorr lawyers proudly watched their Citizen Schools partners participate at a recent evening of mock trials sponsored by the Federal Court Public Education Project. After a 10 week apprenticeship at Hale and Dorr, the students, ages 9 to 14, went before Federal Judge Morris E. Lasker and argued the case of DinoCo v. ToyCo. Hale and Dorr attorneys and staff members served as witnesses and jurors.

Hale and Dorr's Youth and Education Initiative was begun two years ago as a means of focusing our community giving dollars and providing opportunities not only to give money, but to actively involve lawyers and staff in volunteer community efforts. Please see the community section of our web site for more information