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Dr. Maxi Scherer Appointed to New York University School of Law’s Hauser Global Fellowship

November 11, 2010

WilmerHale is pleased to announce the academic appointment of Dr. Maxi Scherer as a Global Fellow in the Hauser Global Law School’s Global Fellows Program at New York University School of Law. Dr. Scherer will assume her new role in January 2011 for a period of six months.

The Hauser Global Law School’s Global Fellows Program brings academics, researchers, scholars and practitioners from around the world to NYU to conduct and present research for future publication as a Global Law Working Paper. The principal aim of the program is the production of scholarship and the advancement of research on global issues prioritized by the Hauser Global Law School Program.

Dr. Scherer will work closely with NYU’s newly opened Center for Transnational Litigation and Commercial Law and, in particular, she will contribute to the Center’s Arbitration Forum. She noted, “(I am) very excited to work with professors Linda Silberman and Franco Ferrari, as well as many other NYU professors and global fellows from around the globe.”

Head of the International Arbitration group Gary Born said, “This is a very prestigious academic appointment and adds to the impressive list of Maxi’s tremendous achievements as an academic. We all congratulate Maxi and are very proud to have her as part of our team.”

New York arbitration partner John Pierce added, “This program has a notable history of hosting distinguished US and foreign scholars who wish to spend time advancing their scholarship and engaging fully in the intellectual life of the Law School. We are extremely proud that Maxi will be taking part in this program and look forward to welcoming her in the New York office during that time.”