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The Financial Times Recognizes WilmerHale as an Innovative Law Firm

December 3, 2012

The Financial Times released its third annual US Innovative Lawyers special report, recognizing WilmerHale’s e-discovery practice and also its QuickStart Program (now known as QuickLaunch Program), designed for the startup community. The report reflects those law firms that are bringing fresh thinking and practices to solving business problems across the nation.

WilmerHale was the only law firm to be recognized for its e-discovery and document review practice. The report cited WilmerHale’s team of approximately 70 discovery attorneys working from the firm’s business service center location in Ohio and its document review technology that goes beyond word-searching software typically used in legal-process outsourcing. As stated by the Financial Times, “A general counsel who is saved both money and time, especially in these days of austerity, must surely be satisfied with the service.” WilmerHale is at the forefront of efficient and cost effective e-discovery and document review and has been fine-tuning and growing WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions to keep up with client demand.

WilmerHale’s QuickStart Program (QuickLaunch Program), an arrangement extended from the firm’s Emerging Company Practice, enables our lawyers to structure alternative fee arrangements that fit the unique circumstances of individual emerging company clients. Not all companies qualify for the program, but for those companies that meet the firm’s intake criteria the QuickStart Program (QuickLaunch Program) provides them with the opportunity to obtain the legal counsel they need to be successful. WilmerHale also recognizes the importance of being a “partner” to emerging companies – being part of the solution in helping companies grow and become successful.

The Financial Times, along with RSG Consulting, assessed 320 submissions from law firms and in-house legal teams, conducting over 400 interviews with lawyers and their clients to arrive at the final rankings in the report. The report was published with the US Financial Times newspaper and is also available on Financial Times’ website.