Department of Justice Antitrust Division: Public Roundtable on Criminal Antitrust Compliance

April 9, 2018 | Washington, DC


  • Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530


On Monday, April 9, the Department of Justice Antitrust Division will hold a public roundtable discussion to explore the issue of corporate antitrust compliance and its implications for criminal antitrust enforcement policy.

The roundtable will provide a forum for the Antitrust Division to engage with inside and outside corporate counsel, foreign antitrust enforcers, international organization representatives, and other interested parties on the topic of antitrust compliance. Participants will discuss the role that antitrust compliance programs play in preventing and detecting antitrust violations, and ways to further promote corporate antitrust compliance. The format of the program will be a series of panel discussions with featured speakers. Audience participation in the discussions will be encouraged.

WilmerHale Partner Thomas Mueller will be a speaker on "Panel 2: Antitrust Compliance, A View From the Bar." Outside counsel will discuss counseling clients on antitrust compliance and improving or creating compliance programs. Panelists will also discuss the framework of the Antitrust Division's consideration of corporate compliance programs at charging and sentencing.