MassBio General Counsel Executive Group Roundtable: Corporate Governance at Small- and Mid-Cap Life Sciences Companies

November 29, 2017 | Cambridge, Massachusetts


  • MassBio
    300 Technology Square, 8th Floor
    Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139


WilmerHale Partners Lia Der Marderosian and Jonathan Wolfman presented to MassBio's General Counsel Executive Group at their quarterly roundtable event series on the topic “Corporate Governance at Small- and Mid-Cap Life Sciences Companies."

While a significant disparity continues to exist between the governance practices of large-cap vs. other public companies, mid- and small-cap companies are under increased scrutiny as a result of several legal and regulatory factors. Lawyers from WilmerHale discussed evolving standards and trend data with respect to governance issues that are typically raised by institutional shareholders with mid- and small-cap life sciences companies.