Sports & Fitness Industry Association: Practical Lessons from the European Commission's E-Commerce Sector Inquiry Final Report

November 7, 2017 | Webinar


  • Webinar

The European Commission in its May 2017 final report on the E-commerce sector has identified distribution practices in relation to cross-border and cross-channel e-commerce that could be illegal under EU Competition Law (e.g., preventing retailers from selling online to customers from another EU Member State, or requiring retailers to offer different prices to customers located in another EU Member State). 

The European Commission and National Competition Authorities in Europe have initiated an active enforcement program that has already targeted SFIA members and could impact many more. 

Join Partner John Ratliff, Associate Itsiq Benizri and Stagiaire Alvaro Mateo Alonso from the Brussels office of SFIA member WilmerHale as they discuss prohibitions and offer recommendations for sports and fitness brands in this area of high importance.