WilmerHale Webinar: The Trump Administration's Trade Policy and Its Implications on Global Companies

October 11, 2017 | Webinar

The Trump Administration promised a radical departure from traditional US trade policy, beginning with its withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and demands for renegotiation of NAFTA and the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, and other actions via Executive Order. What are the Administration's next steps? And, what would an “America First” trade policy mean for global companies if it is achieved?

Please join WilmerHale Partner Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky and Counsel David Ross as they explore these issues.

The discussion will include:

  • the fundamental principles that guide the Administration's trade policy;
  • NAFTA renegotiation;
  • other free trade agreements;
  • the drive to strengthen “Buy American” rules;
  • the use of “national security” statutes to investigate trade flows; and
  • China and trade policy toward China, including technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation.

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