ICC YAF – Paranoias and Annulment Issues: Let the House Decide!

September 13, 2017 | Quito, Ecuador


  • Swissotel Quito
    Avenue 12 De Octubre 1820
    Quito 170525, Ecuador



This ICC YAF Conference will feature a debate using The Cambridge Union Society format. It will focus on two motions regarding international arbitration: one regarding due process paranoia and the other, regarding annulment of arbitral awards. The audience must decide whether they are in favor or against the motions through a general discussion.

The debate will address the enforcement of awards annulled in the seat of the arbitration. During the debate, WilmerHale Senior Associate Manuel Casas will defend the motion that an award annulled at the seat of the arbitration should not be enforced in other jurisdictions, as that it is against the object and purpose of the New York Convention and would lead to endless enforcement actions.