Trump Administration’s Priorities on Corporate Wrongdoings: What You Need to Know

August 8, 2017 | Webinar


  • Webinar

Since the issuance of the Yates Memo in late 2015, the US Department of Justice has pursued a policy of seeking accountability from individuals who perpetrate corporate wrongdoing. It requires that any company under investigation must deliver all proof of wrongdoing by its employees to receive credit for cooperation. The DOJ policy thus added a heavy burden to any corporation that intends to use an internal investigation as support for leniency or a settlement.

With the avowedly business-friendly Trump administration comes uncertainty over how priorities will change under the new attorney general and reconstituted DOJ staff. In this two-hour live webcast, a panel of thought leaders brought together by The Knowledge Group, including WilmerHale Counsel Justin Goodyear, will discuss the current state of Yates Memo enforcement as it affects inside counsel and internal compliance officers, and further how the preferences of the current administration may translate into refocusing or revision of DOJ policy.

Key topics include:

  • Yates Memo Overview
  • Individual Accountability
  • Internal Investigations
  • Disclosure Requirements
  • Cooperation Credit
  • Criminal/Civil Liability
  • Enforcement Trends