The Naples Roundtable: 2017 Patent Experts Conference

January 16-17, 2017 | Naples, Florida


  • Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Resort
    851 Gulf Shore Boulevard
    Naples, Florida 34102 Map

The Naples Roundtable will bring together leaders in patent law to exchange ideas on how to improve the patent system. This conference is structured to facilitate free discussions and exchanges of ideas on the hottest patent law topics of the day.

On Monday, January 16, WilmerHale Partner Mark Selwyn will speak on a panel entitled "FRAND/SEP Litigation -- Policy Struggles. Sorting out today's problems," Partner Louis Tompros will speak on a panel entitled "The impact of recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure? Have the changes simplified litigation? Have they impacted the cost of litigation? Curbing frivolous litigation. What is working and what is not?" and Partner Natalie Hanlon Leh will speak on a panel entitled "Section 101 issues. Abstract ideas? Products of nature? Diagnostic tests? Medical Procedures? Computer software (is this a dead area for protection)?”