Iva Dincheva, Ph.D.

Technology Specialist

Dincheva, Iva

Iva Dincheva is a technology specialist whose practice focuses on the preparation and prosecution of domestic, international and foreign patent applications. Dr. Dincheva works with a variety of life sciences clients, including those in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Prior to joining the firm, Dr. Dincheva held an internship with the Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University, where she drafted provisional patent applications from confidential disclosure and reviewed USPTO office actions. Dr. Dincheva was also a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University, elucidating how the brain regulates anxiety behaviors using laser optics and genetics techniques. In that role, Dr. Dincheva provided expert opinion and peer-review on the merits of manuscripts for two scientific journals.

From 2014–2015, Dr. Dincheva was a postdoctoral research scientist at Weill Cornell School of Medicine, where she demonstrated that a mutation in the fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) protein results in changes in brain physiology and behavior. While studying for her PhD, Dr. Dincheva investigated the role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in anxiety behaviors across development.


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PhD, Pharmacology, Cornell University Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences, 2014

BS, Biology, minor in Cell and Molecular Biology, Canisius College, 2006

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