Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiations INTERNATIONAL PRACTICES

Our team has extensive experience advising governments and private sector clients on trade, investment and other international negotiations.

In private practice or while in government, members of our team have been involved in all aspects of bilateral, regional and global trade and investment negotiations. Most recently, this has included a range of aspects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between the European Union and the United States. We have been or continue to be involved, inter alia, in EU–Korea, Japan–Korea, Japan–Australia, Korea–China, US–Chile, US–Australia, US–Morocco, US–Bahrain, US–Oman and EU–India trade negotiations. At the multilateral and plurilateral levels, we have been involved in discussions relating to the Information Technology Agreement (ITA2)and the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA), and our lawyers were actively involved in China's WTO Accession Negotiations, as well as the successful conclusion of the WTO Uruguay Round.

The Team

Members of the team have been widely recognized for their experience in global negotiations and have been involved in a broad range of bilateral, plurilateral and global negotiations outside of the pure trade and investment context. This includes active work on global climate negotiations (in both the UNFCCC and other settings such as the G20 and Major Economies Forum), at the WIPO, in the WHO, within the United Nations, and in a range of corporate and corporate-to-government settings. Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, chair of the firm's International Trade, Investment and Market Access Practice, is featured annually in Harvard University's Great Negotiator Case Study Series as well as in a range of “great negotiator” books. Among other things, she led the US–China WTO Accession Negotiations during her time as US Trade Representative in the late 1990s.  


While much of our negotiations-related work is highly confidential, a sampling of our representative experience (both in private practice and government) includes:

  • advising a major Asian government on its bilateral FTA negotiations with the EU;
  • advising a major Asian government on certain aspects of its bilateral FTA negotiation with another country in the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular focus on dispute settlement provisions;
  • working within the US Government on a range of the country's bilateral FTAs;
  • representing a major business coalition, as well as several individual Fortune 50 companies, in global climate negotiations at the UNFCCC, G20, MEF and other fora;
  • representing several major corporations and trade associations on various aspects of the EU–USTTIP negotiations;
  • negotiating China's accession to the WTO on behalf of the US Government; and
  • representing several private sector clients on various issues in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.