Global Policy, Government Affairs and Strategic Advice INTERNATIONAL PRACTICES

WilmerHale has long been recognized for its ability to provide integrated legal, strategic and policy advice, taking into account the public policy, political and media aspects of our clients' legal challenges.

Our team includes more than 100 practitioners and advisors with extensive government experience, including former ambassadors, cabinet-level officials and directors general in some of the key agencies and government bodies around the world, and we help clients navigate policy and political processes and challenges they face globally. We are known for our strategic response and government affairs insight before national authorities and agencies in the United States, Europe, China, and elsewhere, and internationally at the United Nations, World Trade Organization and other agencies.


Drawing on the combined government and private sector experience of our lawyers, and an extensive global network, we help clients achieve critical business and commercial objectives through cutting-edge strategic advice and advocacy. Our experience spans the full range of policy and legislative for a worldwide, from the US Congress and the White House to the European Commission and government agencies in China, Vietnam, Russia and elsewhere, as well as international institutions and organizations such as the United Nations, WTO, World Intellectual Property Organization and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

We advise companies and industries on how to manage public policy risk and craft legislative or regulatory solutions to complex problems; provide strategic support for proposed M&A or other business transactions and initiatives; and help manage crises and respond to administrative agency, legislative and executive branch investigations and inquiries.

United States

In the United States, our Strategic Response team includes several former White House officials; cabinet officials, including a former US Trade Representative, former Secretary of the Interior and former Deputy Attorney General; and former Department of Defense, CIA, Treasury, Commerce and Interior officials, a former chief of staff to one of the leading US Senators, and many others. Our Public Policy and Legislative Affairs team was ranked among the top three in The National Law Journal's 2015 Influence 50 survey and provides unmatched experience and insight on the legal frameworks and complex policies and regulations that govern our clients' industries. Fully bipartisan in nature, the group offers clients an inside perspective on how government operates and how its actions can affect them. The team is widely recognized for its ability to guide clients through the most complex policy and legislative issues they face in Washington DC and beyond, and has the ability to help develop and implement both short-term and longer-term policy and advocacy strategies and campaigns. 


In Europe, our team includes a former Director General of DG Competition and former head of the European Commission's Legal Service; a former German Federal Minister and member of the German Bundestag, and his former Chief of Staff; a former Ambassador to Germany and US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs; and individuals who provide thought leadership on a range of issues, from foreign, trade and investment policy to technology and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), financial services, and other key strategic issues. We represent clients on the full range of European Union and EU Member State policy issues, both at the working level and at the highest levels of the European Commission, Council and key EU Member governments, and before the European Parliament and several of its key committees. 


A core part of our leading European and global public policy, strategy and government affairs practice, WilmerHale's German Strategy and Public Policy practice has long been recognized as a leader in the field. The team has extensive experience advising clients on the full range of public policy and political issues they face in Germany, including in particular at the Federal level and in certain key states. Consistent with the firm's overall approach to strategic legal and public policy issues, our German public policy and strategy team provides not only pure legal advice, but helps clients manage and navigate the full range of political and other aspects of public life and perception so as to enable them to optimally realize their business objectives.

The group, working out of our offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and Brussels, includes several former high-ranking German government officials and others with extensive German and European-level experience. 


Our China practice is led by a former US Trade Representative who headed the team that negotiated China's accession to the World Trade Organization. The team also includes several China-based professionals, as well as others in the United States, China and Europe, with extensive China-related experience in key business areas. We regularly advise companies and associations on their China strategies, both from a legal and public policy and government affairs perspective. Our lawyers and professionals have extensive experience working with Chinese government agencies, as well as the China policy community in the United States, Europe and elsewhere. 



Our team has worked on a broad range of high-profile India policy and regulatory issues, and includes a network of key policy advisors who are available to address our clients' needs. We have represented clients in negotiations with the Indian government, in preparing submissions to key Indian government agencies, and are frequently called upon to help them understand how India works and to monitor key market and policy developments.

Multilateral Institutions

Our team is known for its ability to advance and protect clients' interests in a range of global and multilateral institutions and international government organizations. We have represented clients on policy and legal issues before the United Nations (UN); in the context of G8, G7 and G20 discussions; and at the World Trade Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, World Health Organization, UN Convention on Trade and Development, and in global climate negotiations held under the auspices of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.


Across all key global markets, our experience includes:

  • advising numerous companies on public policy and regulatory challenges they face in the context of large-scale acquisitions or other M&A activities worldwide;
  • advising a range of companies on the EU's proposed Digital Single Market Strategy;
  • advising clients on and helping them prepare for congressional investigations in the United States, and political and parliamentary inquiries before the European Parliament or national parliaments around the world;
  • advising globally operating financial institutions, private equity and hedge funds on regulatory issues and related government affairs and legal strategies in the United States, Europe and elsewhere;
  • advising companies and associations on IPR-related issues in various multilateral negotiations and venues, including the UN, WHO, WTO and WIPO;
  • advising numerous companies on market access barriers and other corporate challenges they face in China, India and other key North and Southeast Asian markets; and
  • advising a range of companies and business associations on large-scale ongoing and/or recent state-to-state negotiations, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations; the UNFCCC global climate negotiations that culminated in the Paris Climate Agreement; and global financial regulatory rulemaking and negotiations in a range of fora and institutions.