Global and Cross-Border Investigations INTERNATIONAL PRACTICES

A leader in cross-border and internal investigations and compliance advice domestically, internationally and across borders.

While conducting business in today's global economy, many companies are forced to navigate complex cross-border issues and compliance and regulatory requirements. We address issues in connection with clients' operations in the EU, United States and other countries, including interactions with and investigations by EU and US regulators, with an emphasis on anticorruption, antifraud, antitrust, data privacy and protection, healthcare, labor law, and employment and manufacturing compliance issues.


Our compliance experience covers all relevant areas, with a primary focus on anticorruption, antifraud, antitrust and data privacy issues. In addressing matters that typically arise as a consequence of compliance issues, our well-established investigations, litigation, regulatory, corporate and labor law practices are equipped to help find a resolution.

We assist clients in building and improving their compliance organizations and help in the setup of their internal regulatory framework, for example, by drafting a code of conduct or internal guidelines. We also design and conduct training programs at all levels, from distribution and marketing to management.

We have significant experience in representing clients before major German public prosecutors' offices (such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich), tax authorities, and regulatory bodies such as the German banking regulatory authority (BaFin). We also assist companies in Europe in their interactions with US drug and medical device regulators, and in navigating these companies' anticorruption programs and investigations.

In the United Kingdom, we represent clients before the Financial Conduct Authority, and in the United States we represent publicly listed companies, financial services providers and investment companies in investigations and proceedings before the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Our experience includes:

  • representing a global banking and financial services organization in Switzerland, Monaco, Hong Kong and Singapore in connection with allegations of US tax fraud;
  • heading a multi-jurisdictional legal and accounting team in connection with the SEC's accounting and control investigation of an international retailer's European operations in Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain;
  • reviewing a German multinational automotive corporation's group-wide compliance systems with regard to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other anti-bribery issues under the relevant anti-bribery legislations;
  • investigating the foreign sales operations of a German subsidiary of a US multinational company with regard to payments to agents and consultants in Eastern Europe, Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries;
  • investigating a possible board leak of a strategic merger plan which, as a result of the leak, had to be abandoned (the investigation covered the company concerned and legal and investment banking advisors);
  • leading an investigation of French money laundering issues for a large US insurance company, involving US, French, Belgian and Luxembourg criminal and insurance regulatory and tax issues and strategic advice on defense and compliance issues;
  • completing two internal investigations into allegations of unauthorized trading and other compliance violations by employees of a UK-based bank;
  • conducting various internal investigations and responses to regulators in the United Kingdom and United States on behalf of leading investment banks during regulatory investigations into practices of “market timing” in the trading of mutual funds;
  • representing numerous US multinational companies and European companies in connection with allegations of improper payments to individuals in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia;
  • counseling a biotech company in the Netherlands on the creation of a compliance program to govern the marketing of its products in the United States; and
  • providing FCPA advice and training, including preparation of relevant training materials, in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Poland, China, India, Singapore, Thailand and Sierra Leone.