WilmerHale’s Strategic Response Group Profiled in The Washington Post

WilmerHale’s Strategic Response Group Profiled in The Washington Post


The Washington Post recently published a profile of WilmerHale's Strategic Response Group in the December 30-January 5 issue of Capital Business. The story "WilmerHale Looks to the Past for Strategy," highlighted the group's existing capabilities, the core members of the group and the advancing public policy focus of the practice.

The article discussed how the formation of the group was created three years ago "to help institutionalize broader strategic thinking throughout the firm, and counter the tendency at large law firms to have practice groups run as separate units." The group's capabilities for "anticipating potential crises before they unfold in Congress, at the White House and in front of the courts" was examined as a significant part of its crisis management work.

In addition, the talent of the group was identified within the story as a "roster of Wilmerhale's top recruits from government whose day-to-day work cuts across the firm's regulatory, government contracts, financial institutions and international trade practices. They include Randy Moss and Jamie Gorelick, high-ranking prosecutors in the Clinton White House; Ken Salazar, President Obama's former Interior secretary; Reginald Brown, an associate White House counsel under President George W. Bush; Bob Kimmitt, once a deputy Treasury secretary; and Charlene Barshefsky, a former U. S. trade representative."

WilmerHale Partner Jon Yarowsky, a new addition to the Strategic Response Group, was featured in the story for building out the public policy focus of the practice. Yarowsky stated in the article, "Lloyd Cutler was a pioneer of weaving between all three branches. He did it seamlessly and effortlessly. That is definitely something to aspire to."    

The article appeared in the "Capitol & K" section of the December 30 - January 5 issue (Vol. 4, Issue 38) of The Washington Post's Capital Business.