WilmerHale Honored with "Greater Dayton Workplace Diversity Award"

WilmerHale Honored with "Greater Dayton Workplace Diversity Award"


The Dayton Chamber of Commerce and the National Conference for Community Justice (NCCJ) of Greater Dayton has honored WilmerHale by naming the firm as the recipient of the 2013 "Dayton Workplace Diversity Award." The award, which is given out annually, is meant to recognize companies who provide an inclusive work environment and act as leaders in diversity to the local community.

WilmerHale is highlighted for fostering an environment that embraces each individual's unique background, experience and perspective. The firm's comprehensive diversity strategy focuses on recruitment, leadership commitment, finance and human resources, client engagement and training programs. These efforts, which cater to a diverse workplace environment, have led to innovative community partnerships including Homefull, an organization that works to end homelessness in Dayton and Montgomery County. Learn more about the firm's commitment to diversity.

The Dayton Chamber and NCCJ work together to support local economic growth and to promote respect and understanding through advocacy, conflict resolution and education to fight bias.

The firm was recognized at the Annual Friendship Dinner Celebration in unison with winners of The Dayton Chamber and NCCJ's Humanitarian Awards and Youth Leadership Award on October 28 at Sinclair University's Ponitz Center in Dayton, Ohio. WilmerHale was also featured in an awards ceremony video and in the Dayton Chamber's Focus Magazine.