WilmerHale Announces 2010 Promotions

WilmerHale Announces 2010 Promotions


WilmerHale is pleased to announce the firm’s 2010 elevations, which will become effective on January 1, 2010. A full list of elevated partners and special counsel can be found at the end of this press release.

“We are thrilled to have such a talented group of lawyers elevated in 2010,” said William J. Perlstein. "They have distinguished themselves through their excellent work and exceptional client service and they will be great contributors to our Firm for years to come."

As a part of its 2010 elevations, the firm will promote more women than men attorneys (91 vs. 86) to positions ranging from partner to senior associate. Five of nine new partners are women, as are 11 of 14 new special counsel, 19 of 54 new counsel, and 56 of 100 new senior associates. In addition, the firm continues to lead the way in promoting diverse attorneys.

“Among our best and brightest lawyers are women and minorities,” said William F. Lee, co-managing partner of WilmerHale. “In addition to providing sound counsel to our clients in a wide range of practice areas, they are leaders in the legal profession, active community members, and devoted mentors to junior attorneys. Competitive success for a global law firm in the twenty-first century requires a commitment to diversity that starts at the top and courses through the firm at every level.”

The news of the 2010 promotions arrives on the heels of an annual survey of the top 200 law firms by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL), the results of which show WilmerHale outranking many of its competitors regarding the percentage of women attorneys in law firm leadership in 2009. According to the survey, WilmerHale’s highest governing committee is made up of 21% women, compared to an average of only 15% at other top firms. In addition, WilmerHale’s equity partners are made up of 23% women, compared to an average of 16% at other leading firms.

WilmerHale will also promote a significant percentage (17%) of diverse attorneys in 2010. The National Law Journal recently recognized WilmerHale as one of Washington DC’s most diverse law firms. Of the large law firms in Washington, only five of them have partnerships composed of at least 10 % minorities, and WilmerHale is among that select group. Multicultural Law magazine included WilmerHale in its “Top 100 Law Firms for Diversity,” “Top 100 Law Firms for Women,” “Top 50 Law Firms for Partners,” “Top 50 Law Firms for Associates,” and “Top 25 Law Firms for African-Americans” lists. And this summer, the Minority Corporate Counsel Association honored the firm for its diversity initiatives with the Thomas L. Sager Award, an award that is given to law firms that demonstrate a sustained commitment to improving the hiring, retention and promotion of minority attorneys.

In 2009, WilmerHale was repeatedly recognized as a leading law firm for women. The firm was included in the following lists: Yale Law Women Top Family Friendly Firms, Working Mother’s Best Law Firms for Women and the American Lawyer’s Women in Law Firms study. Individual women recognized included, Charlene Barshefsky and Jamie Gorelick, “Top Female Corporate Directors” (BusinessWeek); Carol Clayton, “Most Powerful Women in Washington” (Washingtonian); Franca Harris Gutierrez, “Minority Rainmaker” (Diversity & the Bar); and Suyong Kim among the top 100 “Women in Antitrust” (Global Competition Review). WilmerHale is devoted to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and minority attorneys, and firm committees such as the Work-life Balance Committee, Diversity Committee and Women’s Leadership Initiative are consistently working alongside firm leadership to help mentor and advance junior women and minority attorneys.

We are very pleased to congratulate our colleagues who became partners in the firm effective January 1, 2010:

Timothy J. Corbett
Brian W. Monnich
Elizabeth M. Reilly
Hartmut Schneider
Susan Schroeder
Anne K. Small
Nina S. Tallon
Shirley Cassin Woodward
Dino Wu

We are very pleased to announce the elevation of the following counsel to special counsel, effective January 1, 2010:

Gail C. Bernstein
Jamie N. Class
Nancy L. Manzer
Cynthia T. Mazareas
Dr. Anja Mengel, LLM
Peter G. Neiman
Brooke A. Pinkerton
Carol Robinson Schepp
Victor F. Souto
Peter A. Spaeth
Mary B. Strother
Wendy Anderson Terry
Cherie Weldon
Dawn M. Wilson

We are very pleased to announce the elevation of the following senior associates to counsel, effective January 1, 2010:

Demian S. Ahn
Noelle C. Berryman
Brent Bickley
Michelle Glassman Bock
Heath A. Brooks
Benjamin C. Brown
David M. Burkoff
Danielle Y. Conley
Rebecca G. Deutsch
Michael L. Feinberg
Molly Flannery
Dr. Oliver Fleischmann, LLM
Mark A. Ford
Jason S. Frank
H. David Gold
Erica A. Green
Joel S. Green
Claire R. Hanselmann
Paul Hare
David C. Heaton, Jr.
Todd Hettenbach
Michael D. Jay
Kari A. Jorgenson
Joshua C. Jungman
Andrew D. King
Jaime Klima
Gregory H. Lantier
Sarah A. Levendusky
Samuel J. Maselli
Patrick J. McLain
Pedro Medrano
Jaclyn Moyer
Benjamin Neaderland
Allen C. Nunnally
Cormac O'Daly
Emily Penney O'Neill
Sarah Pfuhl
Nicole Rabner
Gianna M. Ravenscroft
Adam Raviv
Ruediger Schuett
Peter Shen
Laura A. Sheridan
Erin G.H. Sloane
Stephen T. Smith
Michael P. Spence
Karen D. Stringer
Kevin J. Sullivan, Jr.
Robert J. Teply
Georg Terhorst
Louis W. Tompros
Daniel S. Volchok
Jeremy S. Winer
Katherine Zucca

We are very pleased to announce the elevation of the following associates to senior associates, effective January 1, 2010:

Sadaf R. Abdullah
Sandy Alexander
Abimbola S. Bamgboye
Andrej Barbic, PhD
Sarah A. Beigbeder
Kathryn A. Bennett
Ayşe Kiraz Bulut
Elizabeth K. Canizares
Dimple Chaudhary
Maryan M. Chirayath
Judy Coleman
Bryan S. Conley
Meredith Cordisco
Stephen John Cox
John J. Demeter
Jeremy Dresner
D. Alexander Ewing
Dr. Michael Feit
Nicole E. Feit
Kate Fitzpatrick
Brian H. Fletcher
Molly W. Fox
Shauna K. Friedman
Kathryn M. Fugina
Daniel L. Gardner
Aron B. Goetzl
Michelle A. Goldis
Roberto Grasso
Daniel Greineder
Julia Grimes
Jonathan Lloyd Hardt
Adam J. Hornstine
Alexander Israel
Marc E. Johnson, PhD
Heather C.P. Jordan
Arian M. June
Sara K. Kasper
Joseph N. Khawam
Matthew J. Kleiman
Karen L. Koniuszy
Matthew J. Leary
Anna T. Lee
Therese Lee
Julia M. Lipez
Brooke L. Manfredi
Tina Marisam
Meera Malhotra Marti
Jeremy Masys
Jasmine S. McGhee
Robert J. McKeehan
Anne M. McLaughlin
Andrew H. Messinger
Niki Z. Moore
Christopher L. Morgan
Jodie Morse
Lucas R. Moskowitz
Miklos Mudrony
Caroline T. Nguyen
Michelle Ognibene
Jeffries L. Oliver-Li
Tabitha R. Oman
Jacob Steven Oyloe
Lisa A. Parrington
Kristen Phinnessee
Wyley Sayre Proctor
Kevin S. Prussia
Catherine Marlantes Rahm
Shahzia M. Rahman
Kirath Raj
Gretchen Passe Roin
Seth A. Rudin
Ken Sakurabayashi
Joshua M. Salzman
Laura Schmoyer
Stefanie Danielle Schneider
Alan Schoenfeld
Carrie H. Seares
Philip Randolph Seybold
Victoria S. Shabo
June Shih
Katherine Mullane Shiu
Kelly S. Shoop
Brian M. Simmonds
David R. Smith
Brian D. Staudt
Bethany M. Stevens
Jessica N. Stokes
Brian A. Sutherland
Bart M.J. Szewczyk
Anna-Maria K. Tamminen
Gabriel Taran
Leigh C. Thompson
Melissa J. Turitz
Eleonora Wäktare
Bill Ward, PhD
Violetta Guberman Watson
Dr. Olaf Weiß
Lauren R. Yates
Anne-Marie C. Yvon, PhD
David Zetlin-Jones
Andrew B. Zoltan