Two Favorable Federal Court Rulings for WilmerHale Clients

Two Favorable Federal Court Rulings for WilmerHale Clients

On Monday, April 12, the firm’s work on behalf of two clients, Broadcom Corp. and Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), in two separate matters each received a favorable ruling.

A three-judge Federal Circuit panel in Washington DC affirmed the ITC’s earlier determination that SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. infringed six Broadcom patents, violating Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 by importing products that contained chips infringing those GPS satellite patents belonging to Broadcom subsidiary Global Locate Inc. The panel confirmed that the ITC rightfully banned the importation of the chips and products containing them.

Almost simultaneously, the Federal Circuit affirmed in substantial part a judgment in favor of BD on patent infringement claims made by MBO Laboratories Inc. MBO had filed an infringement suit against BD regarding a patent that MBO claimed covered a hypodermic safety syringe. The appellate court upheld an earlier decision made by a Boston federal district court, holding that certain of MBO’s claims on this syringe patent were invalid.

The WilmerHale team for Broadcom was led by Bill Lee and included Jim Quarles, Mike Esch, Mike Summersgill, Calvin Walden, Todd Zubler, Nina Tallon, Dan Esrick, Kate Hutchins, Kevin Heffel, David Smith, and Jason Skinder.

The firm’s team for BD was led by Bill Lee and Bill McElwain, and included Amy Wigmore, Todd Zubler, and Alex McTague.