Ninety-Two WilmerHale Lawyers Selected For Inclusion In The Best Lawyers In America 2007

Ninety-Two WilmerHale Lawyers Selected For Inclusion In The Best Lawyers In America 2007


The 2007 edition of The Best Lawyers in America, published by Woodward/White, Inc., named ninety-two WilmerHale lawyers among its rankings of "the best and the brightest" of today's legal practitioners. The listed lawyers are selected based on 1.8 million confidential evaluations by their peers in the legal community and constitute only the top one percent of all lawyers practicing in America today.

The following are the ninety-two WilmerHale lawyers recognized in the 2007 edition. They are listed by city and alongside their primary practice areas for which they were nominated:

Baltimore - Mark Pollak (Real Estate); Stephen H. Sachs (Litigation); John B. Watkins (Corporate);

Boston -Katharine E. Bachman (Real Estate); Keith R. Barnett (Real Estate); William C. Benjamin (Tax); Mark G. Borden (Corporate); Jay E. Bothwick (Corporate); Paul P. Brountas (Corporate); John A. Burgess (Corporate); James R. Burke (Corporate); James C. Burling (Antitrust); Andrew H. Cohn (Real Estate); Paul P. Daley (Bankruptcy); Michael L. Fay (Private Client); A. Silvana Giner (Private Client); Richard W. Giuliani (Tax); Christopher P. Harvey (Securities); Neil Jacobs (Labor and Employment); Paul Jakubowski (Real Estate); Richard A. Johnston (International Arbitration); Virginia Kingsley Kapner (Corporate); Robert C. Kirsch (Environmental); James B. Lampert (Intellectual Property); William F. Lee (Litigation & Intellectual Property); Michelle D. Miller (Antitrust); William R. O'Reilly, Jr. (Real Estate); David E. Redlick (Corporate); Roger M. Ritt (Tax); Patrick J. Rondeau (Corporate); Sarah Rothermel (Corporate); Jeffrey B. Rudman (Securities); Amy R. Segal (Tax); John D. Sigel (Bankruptcy); Steven D. Singer (Corporate); Joel Sirkin (Real Estate); Jennifer C. Snyder (Private Client); Philip D. Stevenson (Real Estate); C. Hall Swaim (Bankruptcy); Robert Tuchmann (Real Estate); Gary A. Walpert (Intellectual Property); David A. Westenberg (Corporate); Jonathan Wolfman (Corporate)

New York -Philip Anker (Bankruptcy); Paul A. Engelmayer (Litigation); Robert B. McCaw (Securities); Charles C. Platt (Litigation); Peter K. Vigeland (Litigation); Roger Witten (Litigation)

Washington -Gregory A. Baer (Securities); Charlene Barshefsky (Trade); Brandon Becker (Securities); Russell J. Bruemmer (Corporate); J. Beckwith Burr (Communications); Robert Cassidy (Trade); Louis R. Cohen (Corporate); Meredith Cross (Securities); Stephen Cutler (Securities); Edward C. Dumont (Litigation); Jamie Gorelick (Litigation); John D. Greenwald (Trade); Mark A. Heller (FDA); Gary N. Horlick (Trade); Stephen Hut, Jr. (Litigation); Terrill A. Hyde (Tax Law); Michael R. Klein (Corporate); William J. Kolasky (Antitrust); F. David Lake, Jr. (Tax); William T. Lake (Communications); Charles Levy (Trade); Martin E. Lybecker (Financial Institutions); William McLucas (Securities); David Medine (Financial Institutions); Douglas Melamed (Antitrust); Duane D. Morse (Bankruptcy); Robert Novick (Trade); Jonathan E. Nuechterlein (Communications); David Ogden (Litigation) William J. Perlstein (Bankruptcy); John Rogovin (Communications); Howard M. Shapiro (Litigation); Marianne K. Smythe (Securities); Robert B. Stack (Tax); Seth P. Waxman (Litigation); Harry Weiss (Securities); Laura S. Wertheimer (Securities); William J. Wilkins (Tax); Paul R. Q. Wolfson (Litigation); Soo Yim (Securities)