Gary Born Authors Second Edition of International Commercial Arbitration

Gary Born Authors Second Edition of International Commercial Arbitration


Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP is delighted to announce the publication of the second edition of International Commercial Arbitration (2014 Kluwer Law International) by Gary Born, Chair of the firm's International Arbitration Practice Group. Mr. Born is the world's leading authority on international arbitration and litigation.

International Commercial Arbitration, Second EditionThe second edition of his International Commercial Arbitration is an authoritative 4,000 page work, in three volumes, providing the most comprehensive available commentary on all aspects of the international commercial arbitration process. It includes Parts on international arbitration agreements, arbitral proceedings and arbitral awards, as well as references to more than 20,000 awards, judicial decisions and other authorities.

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Reviews of first edition:

"A splendid treatise on international commercial arbitration which is unsurpassed in the breadth and depth of its exposition and in the acuity of its analysis."
Steve Schwebel, Former President, International Court of Justice

"Gary Born's magisterial work represents, in the range and depth of its coverage, and in the rigour and perception of its analysis, the most complete exposition of the law of international commercial arbitration ever available."
Campbell McLachlan QC, Arbitration International Volume 26 Number 1 2010

"Stunningly comprehensive, accessible, and bristling with insights: the definitive text on international arbitration."
Harold Hongju Koh, Gerard C. & Bernice Latrobe Smith Professor of International Law, Yale Law School

"An undisputed classic [and a] must for counsel, arbitrators, scholars and students."
Horacio A. Grigera Naon, former Secretary General, ICC International Court of Arbitration

"A magisterial exposition of international arbitration, which is breathtaking in its scope and comprehensiveness."
Michael Hwang S.C. Singapore/Essex Court Chambers

The first edition of International Commercial Arbitration has been relied on by courts and arbitral tribunals around the world:

U.K. Supreme Court – Jivraj v. Hashwani [2011] UKSC 40, ¶78 (U.K. S.Ct.); Dallah Real Estate & Tourism Holding Co. v. Ministry of Religious Affairs, Gov't of Pakistan [2010] UKSC 46 (U.K. S.Ct.);
U.S. Supreme Court – BG Group plc v. Republic of Argentina, 572 U.S. --- (2014);
Canadian Supreme Court – Yugraneft Corp. v. Rexx Mgt Corp., [2010] 1 R.C.S. 649, 661 (Canadian S.Ct.);
Indian Supreme Court – Bharat Aluminium v. Kaiser Aluminium, C.A. No. 7019/2005, ¶¶138-39, 142, 148-49 (Indian S.Ct. 2012);
Singapore Court of Appeal – Larsen Oil & Gas Pte Ltd v. Petroprod Ltd, [2011] SGCA 21, ¶19 (Singapore Ct. App.);
Arbitral Tribunals – Millicom Int'l Operations B.V. v. Republic of Senegal, Decision on Jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal, ICSID Case No. ARB/08/20, 16 July 2010; Lemire v. Ukraine, Dissenting Opinion of Jürgen Voss, ICSID Case No. ARB/06/18, 1 March 2011.

International Commercial Arbitration is available for purchase in hard copy or as an eBook.