Firm Announces Publication of Paul Brountas' Book Offering Corporate Governance Advice for Boards

Firm Announces Publication of Paul Brountas' Book Offering Corporate Governance Advice for Boards


WilmerHale announces the release of Senior Counsel Paul P. Brountas’ book, Boardroom Excellence: A commonsense perspective on corporate governance. The book was published by Jossey-Bass, an affiliate of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Mr. Brountas is a corporate lawyer with more than forty years of experience. In his book, he discusses the qualities and components of effective boards in today’s post-Enron environment. Written in a concise format, the book contains informative and practical advice for board members of private, public and non-profit organizations. Boardroom Excellence includes thoughtful discussions of fundamental corporate governance issues, including the duties and responsibilities of directors and the proper interaction of the board with the CEO and management. Mr. Brountas reveals how board members can be most effective when they are independent, possess integrity, are well-informed and involved, and are proactive.

The firm initially published Mr. Brountas’ book in July 2003. The demand for the book and for its availability through broader distribution channels led to an agreement in early 2004 for its commercial publication.

The new edition of Mr. Brountas’ book has been expanded to include a discussion of the impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on corporate America since its adoption two years ago, and a review of the measures adopted by corporate boards to respond to shareholder demands for more effective, ethical and responsible corporate governance.

Recognized business leaders had this to say about Boardroom Excellence:

"Paul Brountas's book on corporate governance is an outstanding and welcome achievement. For those who serve as directors and those who aspire to become directors, his book provides an insightful, easy-to-read, commonsense guide to creating and maintaining excellence in America's boardrooms."

--Raymond S. Troubh, Recipient of the National Association of Corporate Directors 2003 Director of the Year Award

“Boardroom Excellence is a must-read for corporate management and directors, particularly in today’s business climate. It is well written, well organized, and specifically instructional. The quality of the observations and authority of the author add importance to its value.”

--William Elfers, Founder, Greylock Partners

"Frankly I shudder when I see an article or book with the term 'governance' anywhere in the title or subtitle. I think that Paul Brountas has achieved three rarities: wisdom-there is a style that condemns nobody, but which politely suggests situations in which one might pay attention; literacy-short sentences, brief paragraphs, and well-defined separate chapters; but above all else-charm. This is not a pompous, it is not preachy, it is not from 'on high.'"

--Robert A.G. Monks, Founder of Hermes Lens Investments and of Institutional Shareholder Services; Cofounder of The Corporate Library

Mr. Brountas’ book is available for purchase online at, and at several major bookstores.