WilmerHale Lawyers Named to Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll

WilmerHale Lawyers Named to Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll


More than 150 WilmerHale attorneys have been named to the District of Columbia Courts’ thirteenth annual Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll, which recognizes the contributions of members of the DC Bar who performed at least 50 hours of pro bono service in the prior calendar year.

Of the 151 WilmerHale honorees who made the list, more than half received an additional accolade: a place on the High Honor Roll. The High Honor Roll is reserved for attorneys who performed more than 100 hours of pro bono work in the past year.

View the full Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll.

WilmerHale’s 2023 honorees:

Azeezat A. Adeleke* 

Ericka Aiken* 

Brittany Amadi* 

Michael J. Amato* 

Ari Andrews

Brett Atanasio* 

Nitisha Baronia*

Julia F. Bell* 

Claire Bergeron* 

Joss Berteaud*

Courtney Bibbs* 

Natalie Bilbrough* 

Jane E. Black* 

Jeremy W. Brinster* 

Heath A. Brooks

Colleen M. Campbell 

Jarrod R. Carman* 

Michael Carpenter 

Catherine Carroll* 

Alaa Chaker*

Alyssa Chen* 

Steven F. Cherry* 

Alexis Cohen 

David M. Cook 

Nick C. D'Ambra*

Steven K. Dallas 

Sonika R. Data* 

Christopher Davies 

Rochella T. Davis 

Ayana Dow

Karin Dryhurst* 

Kelly P. Dunbar 

Thad Eagles* 

Zachary M. Enos* 

Donna M. Farag*

Tania Faransso* 

Emily A. Farmer 

Tranae Felicien* 

Matthew F. Ferraro 

Matt D. Fischler*

Gary M. Fox* 

Aryn A. Frazier* 

Douglas W. Gates

Matthew Girgenti* 

Camila Gonzalez*

Amy M. Gopinathan 

Zac S. Halpern* 

Bobby G. Hampton 

Mark Hanin 

Zac D. Hardwick*

Leslie Harrelson* 

Twane Harris* 

Sean A. Hayes* 

Grace T. Henley 

Annie Himes*

Steven J. Horn* 

R. Gregory Israelsen 

Molly Jennings 

Sam S. Kane* 

Leon Kenworthy

Kyle J. Kessler* 

Zack M. Kessler 

Jane E. Kessner* 

Barbara Kirschten* 

Ryan Klima

Jake A. Laband 

Kevin Lamb* 

Brenda E. Lee 

Hyun-Soo Lee* 

David Lehn*

David M. Levine* 

Haixia Lin 

Amy C. Lishinski* 

Simon Lu 

Jessica Lutkenhaus

Lauren A. Mandell 

Matthew T. Martens 

Julia M. May 

Becky C. Maz 

Molly E. McDonald

Caitlin M. McGough* 

Sam McHale* 

Joseph Meyer* 

Joel W. Millar* 

Andrew R. Miller

Carrie M. Montgomery* 

Lauren Moore* 

Michael Moorin* 

Jaclyn Moyer 

Anna R. Noone

Justin L. Ochs 

Kimberly Parker* 

Susan M. Pelletier 

Vinecia Perkins* 

Collin T. Phillips

Ed Powell* 

Laura E. Powell* 

Sarah E. Pugh* 

Nathaniel W. Reisinger* 

Gannam Rifkah

Britany Riley-Swanbeck* 

Ahmed Rizk* 

David J. Ross 

Genesis Ruano 

Whitney D. Russell

Andrea de Sa 

Souvik Saha* 

Andres C. Salinas* 

Jerry A. Salvatore 

Tom Saunders*

Rebecca M. Scaife* 

Allison Schultz* 

Yemaj Sheik* 

Akshat Shekhar 

Emma Shreve

Charlie Speth 

Nickole Medel Spraker 

Emily Stark* 

Nancy N. Stephen 

Alex Stewart*

Samuel M. Strongin* 

Aleksandr Sverdlik* 

Erik F. Swabb 

Justin A. Taleisnik 

Allie Talus*

Bethany Thomas 

Jennifer Thompson* 

Natan P. Tubman 

Matthew E. Vigeant* 

Daniel Volchok*

Andrew K. Waks* 

Serena M. Walker* 

Brittany R. Warren 

Sydney J. Warren* 

Seth P. Waxman*

Jon C. Weingart* 

Monika Weisman 

Julie Aust Welly* 

Ayana Williams* 

Daniel V. Williams*

Ed Williams* 

Alan Wilson 

Cheryl E. Wilson 

Derek Woodman* 

Nora N. Xu

Andrew Xue* 

Karis Yi* 

David Yin* 

Jamie Yood 

Jack You

Todd Zubler*

* denotes high honors


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