Coronavirus (COVID-19): WilmerHale Task Force Leads Legal and Strategic Counseling

Coronavirus (COVID-19): WilmerHale Task Force Leads Legal and Strategic Counseling

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WilmerHale has formed a task force to lead the legal and strategic counseling of clients around the world in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The task force consists of WilmerHale lawyers in multiple key disciplines and is led by Partner Alejandro Mayorkas.

Before joining WilmerHale, Mr. Mayorkas served as the Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security from 2013 through 2016. In that capacity, he led the department’s efforts in response to international Zika and Ebola virus outbreaks, enhancing both the government's and the private sector's cybersecurity, enforcing the nation's immigration laws, facilitating lawful trade and travel, and helping stricken communities recover from disasters. He also oversaw FEMA, US Customs and Border Protection, TSA, and 19 other agencies and offices in the third-largest department in the federal government. He has held other high-level positions in government, including as the former United States Attorney for the Central District of California. Mr. Mayorkas specializes in strategic counseling, litigation and investigations.

Drawing on our lawyers’ deep government experience and industry insights, WilmerHale’s task force includes lawyers specializing in, among other disciplines, labor and employment and worker safety; anti-discrimination; contracts; disputes and investigations; privacy; trade issues; securities regulation, including disclosure; corporate compliance; healthcare; transportation regulation; pharmaceutical regulation; and bankruptcy and restructuring. Our Crisis Management and Strategic Response Group is also involved in helping clients respond to these challenges.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) task force is actively counseling clients on both the federal and state level, and is addressing not only legal issues, but also the public affairs, commercial, operational and policy implications in the current environment.

“The outbreak of the coronavirus is a rapidly changing challenge for companies in varied industries. Each company must have a strong organizational structure with legal and operational roadmaps in place to serve as the foundation for the actions and reactions that will be required,” said Mr. Mayorkas.