C5’s European Forum on Anti-Corruption

C5’s European Forum on Anti-Corruption

Speaking Engagement

Enforcement of anti-corruption laws in Europe has become a hard reality with extensive activities carried out by European prosecutors particularly in Germany and Italy. The recent implementation of the UK Bribery Act marks the start of a new chapter of enforcement. With its far reaching effect, any company which carries out a business in the UK can be liable for corruption activities performed anywhere by rogue employees or on behalf of the company by associated persons, even if the company’s management knew nothing about the bribery. Your only defence is to demonstrate that your company’s anti-corruption programme is properly implemented, maintains adequate procedures and is regularly monitored to make sure it is operating as intended.

WilmerHale partners Dr. Roland Steinmeyer and Roger Witten, along withcounsel Patrick Spaeth will be featured speakers at this event.

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