GAR Live: London 2023

GAR Live: London 2023

London, UK
Speaking Engagement

Steven Finizio and Professor Maxi Scherer will feature as speakers at GAR Live London. 

Mr. Finizio will participate in the GAR Live Debate, which will consider the motion “This house believes a provision in the UK’s Arbitration Act saying the law of the seat of the arbitration is the law applicable to the arbitration agreement would enhance London’s reputation as a pro-arbitration jurisdiction.”

Professor Maxi Scherer will feature as a speaker at GAR Live London. Professor Scherer will speak on a panel titled “Challenges: a real or perceived threat?”—the discussion will consider whether users feel more empowered to challenge an arbitrator they don’t like. Regular reports of arbitrators being challenged definitely give that impression, but are there actually more challenges or just a perception that this is the case? Is there a growing disconnect between the threshold that arbitrators and users consider a problem, and if so—what can be done about it?

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