Third Edition of Gary Born's International Commercial Arbitration – How You Can Help

Third Edition of Gary Born's International Commercial Arbitration – How You Can Help

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I am delighted to share the news of commencement of work on the third edition of my treatise on International Commercial Arbitration. The three-volume commentary is in its second edition, published in 2014, and available from Kluwer International. The new third edition of International Commercial Arbitration will comprehensively address all aspects of the international arbitral process—including international arbitration agreements, international arbitral procedures and international arbitral awards.

Past editions of International Commercial Arbitration have benefited from the comments and input of colleagues around the world, who have generously reviewed drafts and provided suggestions. Like its predecessors, the third edition will also be a work in progress, which inevitably will have omissions and errors. To minimize these, I would again like to invite practitioners, academics, students and others to provide input for the new edition. 

In particular, I welcome comments on, and corrections of, the second edition (e.g., “You omitted the Supreme Court's decision in X v. Y” or “Shouldn't you discuss Section 1.1 of the Arbitration Act here”?). I also welcome information about recent national court decisions, arbitral awards and other developments (since 2014), including:  

  • Reports, citations or copies of national court decisions involving international arbitration;
  • Reports or copies of arbitral awards addressing procedural or other issues of importance in international arbitration;
  • Legislation or treaties relevant to international arbitration; and
  • Other developments in international arbitration. 

If you would like to provide comments or reports of recent developments, please email them to [email protected]. All contributions, large and small, are welcome and greatly appreciated

Thanks very much.

Gary Born