Staff Mentoring Program

Staff Mentoring Program

Starting a new position can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our new staff members meet many different people across departments and offices in their first few days at the firm. In an effort to help teach our new staff about our people, culture and practices, the Staff Mentoring Program was developed.

The Staff Mentoring Program is designed to provide continued support for our new staff at the firm during their first year here. Specifically, new staff are paired with existing staff members who have applied to serve as mentors.

A mentor may contribute to the successful integration of a new hire by helping the mentee understand how the firm works, introducing them to others in the firm community and supporting them as they adjust to their new role.

At WilmerHale, we want all our new staff to feel welcome and valued as an integral part of our community.

Below, several of our mentors discuss their experiences with the Staff Mentoring Program.

In Their Own Words

“I enjoy participating in the mentor program at WilmerHale. It was fun getting to know my first mentee while also promoting the firm. I think this is a great program and I look forward to getting to know my new mentees. Fun fact: I had a mentor, who is wonderful, and we still get together.”
“This program has given me an opportunity to meet and interact with people from different departments and learn about their roles at WilmerHale. Mentoring is a great way to network and discover new things about the firm.”
“Being a part of WilmerHale’s mentor program has been very rewarding as both a mentee and a mentor. Being a mentee in 2015, I was given the amazing opportunity to work with my mentor to help learn my role at the firm, how to excel, and overall how to become successful. I have also mentored several individuals in the program since 2015. I feel in order to be a successful mentor it is imperative that you care about the people you are mentoring. WilmerHale is not only known for our flawless work products and brilliant attorneys and staff, but also our warm culture. My approach to being a mentor is to make sure I tell mentees: ‘I’m not here to only answer all your questions, but I’m also here to cheer you on every step of the way.’”
“Being a mentor is an extremely rewarding experience. I end up learning a lot from my mentee. I am my mentee’s ‘go-to’ person for general questions about the firm and its policies and it is a great feeling helping my mentee by knowing the answers or, better yet, where to find them. Understanding my mentee’s perspective on things has definitely helped me grow and develop as a mentor.”


Research and Reference Specialist, Boston


IS Senior Support Analyst, Dayton


Practice Support Coordinator, Denver


Data Analyst, Dayton