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Many people reading this are likely considering applying to clerkships. And due to the Federal Hiring Plan that judges are testing, many will likely apply to clerkships during their summer associate job. As someone who is currently planning to apply on my class’s deadline next Monday, I thought I’d share some thoughts about the resources available at the WilmerHale New York office for those thinking about clerkships.

While clerking is not a prerequisite by any means for lawyers at the firm, there really are a lot of former clerks at the firm, which translates to a wealth of advice and support for summer associates, whether you’re on the fence about clerking or deep into the application process. To give a personal example, I have had four associate/counsel supervisors so far this summer, and every single one of them has clerked. These four lawyers have had seven federal clerkships between them, including a Supreme Court clerkship, three circuit clerkships, and three district court clerkships. My assignments have spanned pro bono trial prep, government enforcement response, a pro bono appellate brief, and government regulation compliance, so the wealth of clerkships does not appear to stem from a specific practice area.

Just today, we had a panel of former clerks at the office who gave summer associates advice on how to approach the application and interview processes, which was incredibly insightful. It was scheduled for an hour, but ran thirty minutes over due to demand.

Clerkship applications are indeed stressful (Your Honors, why can’t we all just use OSCAR?). But the WilmerHale New York office has many people willing to help you throughout the challenging process. And lastly, the courthouses are so close that you can literally see them from our windows. It’s certainly helpful to not only see your desired destinations every day, but also know that they’re just a ten-minute walk away.


  • Tony Lee

    Summer Associate

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