My First Week at WilmerHale

My First Week at WilmerHale

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Welcome to my blog! This is a space where I will share my experiences as a summer associate at WilmerHale's Los Angeles office. But first, a brief introduction: I am a rising 3L at Pepperdine University School of Law in sunny Malibu, CA, where I immerse myself in a variety of activities and have found interests in almost all areas of the law. I love to explore new countries and listen to audiobooks, and I'm learning to play the piano.

My first week at WilmerHale surpassed all my expectations! During the first three days of the week, we attended full days of orientation and training to learn about all the resources WilmerHale has to offer its attorneys and summer associates. Before starting at WilmerHale, I always heard people talking about a perk of working at a large law firm is that it has a lot of resources, but I never really understood the impact that it had on a person's work. Now I completely understand, because there are so many resources around to help us succeed and use our time most efficiently. The fact that the firm spent three full days to train us on how to access and use the technology, legal research tools, secretarial services, and more shows how dedicated it is to ensuring our success at WilmerHale.

I also have already been assigned to four cases, and all four are different types of assignments with varying subject matter. Every attorney I have worked with so far has been very willing to answer questions and provide assistance whenever I need help, and the summer co-chairs and our recruiter are always checking in on me to make sure my assignments are going well.

However, the best part of this week, hands down, has been meeting all the WilmerHale attorneys, staff and other summer associates in the Los Angeles office. I knew the people here were awesome after my callback interview and offer dinner last fall, which is why I chose to come to this firm, but getting to chat and hang out with several different partners and associates this week has already confirmed I made the right decision!