A Day in the Life of a WilmerHale Summer Associate

A Day in the Life of a WilmerHale Summer Associate

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WilmerHale's Los Angeles office recently hosted its Rising 2L Reception, where students working in Los Angeles for the summer could pop by the office to meet our attorneys while enjoying drinks and appetizers. I had the chance to talk to many rising 2Ls who were interested in applying for a summer associate position with WilmerHale, and I was asked several times, “What's a day in the life look like?”

So, here's what my ordinary day as a summer associate at WilmerHale's Los Angeles office entails:

I'm an early riser! I normally wake up and catch the Expo metro line from Santa Monica around 6:45 a.m. and arrive in the office in downtown Los Angeles, coffee in hand, at about 8:00 a.m. I ease in to my work day by checking emails and catching up on The New York Timesand The Wall Street Journal.

Some days, we have morning trainings or practice group meetings to attend. This last week, we participated in a communications workshop where we practiced giving presentations to one another. We were forced out of our comfort zones when our communications coach filmed our presentations and required us to point out our strengths and weaknesses. We practiced maintaining eye contact with each other and using gestures to help engage others in our stories; it was sufficiently awkward, but extremely helpful!

Other days, we attend firm-wide practice group meetings, where associates and partners from different practice groups come together across all WilmerHale offices to talk about important cases they're working on and recent victories! The last practice group meeting I attended was for the government and regulatory group, where we learned about WilmerHale's representation of many higher education institutions in their efforts to comply with Title IX.

There are several days with no morning or afternoon events, so I can dive into my assignments. Since our summer class is fairly small, no one is making up assignments for us; we all have the opportunity to work on real cases and complete rigorous assignments. I've been analyzing reports, writing research memos, and even drafting a portion of a pro bono sentencing brief. My assigning attorneys are always willing to answer my questions as I work through complex legal issues.

And then there's lunch! Lunch is the best. Almost every day, the other summer associates and I go out to lunch with attorneys in the office. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know the people here better and to try the best food downtown Los Angeles has to offer.

Finally, we usually have at least one or two social events per week in the evenings. So far, we've gone to a Dodger's game, an escape room, cooking school, a casino night charity event and my favorite—the Magic Castle! As summer associates, we only have 10 weeks to immerse ourselves in the firm before heading back to school, so I take advantage of every chance I can to hang out with attorneys in the office. These social events are the best way to cultivate friendships with my colleagues. At the risk of sounding like a broken record (see my last two blog posts), the people here are what really sets this office apart. I feel extremely lucky and grateful to work with such all-around wonderful people; it makes the job so much more fun!