Big Data

Industry-Specific Issues

Mehr Weniger


  • Assist retail clients in collecting data directly from consumers and third parties to obtain a 360-degree view of their customers and to develop “look-alike” audiences of consumers who are not yet customers, but to whom our clients can target offers.
  • Negotiate data collection, use and sharing agreements for retailers and their vendors.
  • Help retail sector clients develop and deploy in-depth analytics and targeted marketing solutions while respecting consumers' privacy, providing for appropriate data security, and complying with regulatory limitations around the globe.
  • Counsel a wide variety of parties that provide services to retailers, such as online advertising companies that “on-board” in-store and transaction data and enable retailers to reach their customers and similar consumers online; vendors that analyze video footage and in-store traffic patterns to provide insights about store visitors, the efficiency of traffic flows, and the optimization of store layouts; data security firms; and many more.
  • Assist retailers and others in developing mobile applications and complying with domestic and foreign laws governing the processing of data collected through mobile devices, as well as the combination of such information with in-store and online transaction data, loyalty card data, information from retailers' and customers' social media accounts, and data from retailers' own customer relationship management databases.
  • Represented several prominent retail clients on data breaches, including both point-of-sale and website breaches. Such work includes breach investigation and analysis, crisis management, communication with the client's board of directors, drafting and sending letters to consumers, and interfacing with regulators.