Financial Services

Big Data

Industry-Specific Issues

Mehr Weniger


  • Negotiated several complex agreements between financial institutions and mobile payment providers, addressing such issues as data ownership, privacy, cybersecurity and data analytics for transactions made at brick-and-mortar stores using mobile phones.
  • Helped dozens of financial institutions and service providers respond to data breaches and other incidents, including one of the largest breaches ever reported publicly by a financial institution. Such work includes forensic investigation and analysis, crisis management and public relations, communication with the client's board of directors, drafting and sending letters to consumers, interfacing with regulators, and defending against investigations and enforcement actions.
  • Assist clients in assessing and minimizing legal and other risks of making investment decisions based on sensitive financial data and other information, including location data derived through mobile phones, detailed transaction data, tracking of online browsing behavior, social media streams and other data points.
  • Counsel financial institutions, Software as a Service providers and cloud services companies on legal and practical considerations with respect to outsourcing financial data to the cloud.
  • Help clients develop financial mobile apps and associated consumer disclosures, and counsel on implementation of TouchID security solutions for such apps.
  • Advise banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions on how to share data lawfully not just with service providers, but also with business partners and Big Data aggregators without violating securities, consumer protection, fair credit, privacy and cybersecurity laws.
  • Negotiate data analytics agreements, data outsourcing contracts, and technology transaction and licensing agreements on behalf of clients ranging from global banks and investment advisors to small hedge funds and FinTech service providers.