Electronics / Internet of Things

Big Data

Industry-Specific Issues

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  • Cybersecurity and encryption

    Today's sophisticated devices collect and transmit a great deal of sensitive user data. Absent effective security, such data falls into the hands of identity thieves, business competitors and state-sponsored cybercriminals. And as law enforcement and privacy advocates clash about data encryption, electronics manufacturers are in the crossfire.
  • Privacy

    Consumer devices such as fitness trackers, smart TVs, mobile devices, home automation hardware and always-on digital assistants collect sensitive health, financial, location and other information that is subject to burdensome privacy and consumer protection laws around the world.
  • Patent Convergence

    As Big Data gets bigger, companies from historically distinct sectors find themselves in direct competition—networking, data storage, cloud computing, wireless, cellular and security. Like the 3G wars in the 2000s and the smartphone wars of the last decade, convergence means IP conflicts.
  • Technology transactions and licensing

    Increasingly, technology transactions and licensing agreements involve parties granting or obtaining access to data collected through consumer electronics or business devices (such as in-store sensors or fleet trackers). And Big Data analytics providers often partner with electronics manufacturers to profit from the collection and processing of information. Appropriate contracts are essential to prevent disputes about who owns the data, what it will be used for, and the parties entitled to access and exploit it.

Electronics / Internet of Things