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  • Represented a leading technology company in an investigation concerning a communications provider's internet tracking mechanisms—namely, “supercookies”—that analyzed the online browsing behavior that individuals engaged in on different devices.
  • Represented a major communications company in an investigation conducted by a federal consumer regulator. We prepared and filed a formal request to cease the investigation on jurisdictional grounds. The investigation was closed by the regulator without action.
  • Helping companies, and especially cloud service providers, online services and software providers, grapple with issues created by US intelligence programs involving the acquisition of communications data in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Assisting communications companies in structuring their collection, use and sharing of customer data to comply with domestic and foreign legal requirements, local registration obligations, and rules about notice and opt-in.
  • Drawing on skilled data protection counsel on the ground in Europe and Asia to advise on foreign data laws and directives, e-commerce regulations and cross-border data issues that apply to communications companies.
  • Advised and represented major telecommunications companies in litigation relating to government surveillance efforts.
  • Counseled and negotiated on behalf of a variety of companies, including third-party service providers, on transactions and other agreements involving communications providers and the data that they collect and share.
  • Filed comments and advocacy papers with the FCC and FTC on a range of regulatory proposals affecting Big Data in the communications sector.
  • Counseled a major mobile communications provider on how to lawfully leverage location data, telecommunications content and other data from mobile devices for a range of purposes, including interest-based advertising.