Staff Mentoring Program

Staff Mentoring Program

Starting a new position can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our new staff members meet many different people across departments and possibly across offices in their first few days. In an effort to help teach our new staff about our people, our culture, and our practices, the Staff Mentoring Program was developed.

The Mentor Program is designed to provide continued support for our new staff at the firm during their first year. Specifically, new staff are paired with existing staff members who have applied to serve as mentor.

A mentor may contribute to the successful integration of a new hire by helping the mentee understand how the firm works, introducing them to others in the firm community and supporting them as they adjust to their new role.

At WilmerHale, we want all our new staff to feel welcome and valued as an intregal part of our community starting on their first day.

In Their Own Words

Below several of our mentors discuss their experiences with the Staff Mentoring Program.