Meet Mentors

Meet Mentors

Across the firm, there are countless lawyers who serve as mentors to others.


Jamie Gorelick
Harvard Law School, Washington DC Office
Partner, Regulatory and Government Affairs and Litigation/Controversy

"I'm honored that people want my advice. I give it freely ... I've done a lot, and if I can share that with others while listening to what they would really like to achieve in their careers and in their lives, that's great."

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Reginald Brown
Harvard Law School, Washington DC Office
Partner, Litigation/Controversy and Regulatory and Government Affairs

"If I was a law student today and I was thinking about a firm, the biggest question in my mind would be, 'Who am I going to work with?' and, 'What kind of training should I be able to expect?' One of the things that sets WilmerHale apart from other firms is that we spend a lot of time mentoring and training young lawyers."

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Mark Selwyn
Columbia Law School, Palo Alto Office
Partner, Litigation/Controversy and Intellectual Property

"One of the things that sets our firm apart is the emphasis on mentoring and on training. I’ve been with the firm my entire career, about 15 years, and I’ve certainly been a beneficiary of that mentoring and training.”

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Roger Witten
Harvard Law School, New York Office
Senior Counsel, Litigation/Controversy

"We strive at WilmerHale to give younger lawyers the same opportunities, in terms of training and learning, that we who have been here for a long time had ourselves ... That includes an effort to teach people how to do it right and to teach people why excellence is important."

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