Why WilmerHale "Fit"

Why WilmerHale "Fit"

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Zach LassHi and welcome to my summer associate blog! Throughout the summer I will be sharing various posts on what it is like to be a summer associate in WilmerHale’s Denver office. As a Colorado native interested in energy, environmental, and natural resources law, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work in my home state for a firm that does so much work in the areas I am most interested in.

Heading into law school from the outdoor industry was a significant change for me. However, my time in the outdoor industry helped me understand what kind of working environment I thrived in. Accordingly, finding a fun, relaxed, collegial, and tight-knit working environment was incredibly important to me. Additionally, my interest in environmental and natural resources law was something that I wanted to explore. Finally, I wanted to end up somewhere where the attorneys are incredibly passionate about both the work that they do and the people that they serve. WilmerHale’s Denver office checked all these boxes, and many more. From my first on-campus interview to my call-back interview to my first two weeks as a summer associate, it is tough to explain how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to work in this firm.

First, the people. WilmerHale Denver is still a small office, with just over twenty attorneys. Every attorney is welcoming, fun, and passionate about their work. Because it is still a small office, everybody knows everybody and finding this kind of tight-knit working culture was at the top of my wish list. At the end of the day, your colleagues are the most important component of any workplace and the people at WilmerHale Denver make this office a wonderful place to work.

Second, the work. While I knew I was interested in energy, environmental, and natural resources work, I also craved the opportunity to explore a wide variety of complex legal work in my summer experience. Not only does WilmerHale do complex and fascinating energy, environmental, and natural resources work, but WilmerHale also handles a wide range of other high-level matters in just about every area of law that you could imagine. As a summer associate, WilmerHale encourages you to explore as many different areas as possible throughout your summer experience, making it an easy choice for me.

Third, the service. Everyone at WilmerHale loves what they do, and the Denver office is committed to serving the Colorado community. Working in this kind of atmosphere is contagious. WilmerHale is known for giving back to the communities it serves and as a summer associate, you can participate in various local outreach programs, as well as assist in different pro bono matters. Giving back to the local communities is incredibly important to me so WilmerHale’s commitment to this value solidified why I wanted to work in this office.

That is all I have for now. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to join the WilmerHale team and I look forward to sharing more about my summer experience in the coming weeks!


  • Zach Lass

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