My First Few Weeks at WilmerHale Denver

My First Few Weeks at WilmerHale Denver

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Welcome back to my summer blog! I am excited to write about what my first four weeks as a summer associate have been like.

Most of the first week was filled with various training sessions that expose summer associates to the firm’s different resources and technologies. I did not expect such in-depth, comprehensive training, but the training has proven to be invaluable as the firm has so much to offer. Additionally, we were shown our offices. Not only were our names on the doors, but each summer associate’s office had giant welcome signs taped to the wall! While starting out at any new job can be intimidating, the WilmerHale Denver team made all of us feel welcome and at home right away.

We sprinkled in a little bit of substantive work in the first week, but really dove into our assignments at the beginning of the second week. While we have only been here for four weeks now, we have all had our hands in a wide variety of different matters. I have already had the opportunity to work on a fascinating patent and IP litigation matter, as well as on several environmental and natural resources projects. Next, I am hoping to try my hand in either corporate work or general litigation. Two great aspects of WilmerHale’s Summer Program are the different types of work that summer associates get to experience and the opportunity to get to work with so many different attorneys. You are fully encouraged to explore different practice areas and to take advantage of the opportunity to work with all the attorneys in the Denver office.

Additionally, one of the most amazing parts about being a summer associate here is the support that everyone at the firm provides. You not only get to work on incredibly interesting assignments, but the entire WilmerHale team is fully invested in your development. Everybody here wants you to succeed and people are constantly making sure that you have the resources you need to continue developing as a junior attorney. Working in this kind of environment is truly incredible.

WilmerHale also ensures that there is a strong balance between substantive work and social activities. Everyone here works hard, but they also understand the importance of finding balance. We have gone to happy hours, firm events and lunches. It has been great to get to know the attorneys outside of the office. We have a number of different events on the horizon and my next blog post will fill you in on all of these. Oh, and did I mention that going hungry will never be a problem here? Regardless of what kind of event or activity it is, there is probably some great food involved.

To sum it all up, I chose WilmerHale because of the people I met throughout the interview process. I would, without question, choose WilmerHale again for the exact same reason after getting to know everyone better. These first four weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, with different activities, work assignments, and various other social events, but thus far it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I cannot wait to fill you in more in the coming weeks!


  • Zach Lass

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