A Typical Day as a WilmerHale Summer Associate

A Typical Day as a WilmerHale Summer Associate

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It has been four weeks now and I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by! Now that I have settled into a daily routine, I thought I’d share my typical day as a summer associate at WilmerHale L.A.

Each morning I catch the 7:40 a.m. Expo Line train from Palms, which gets me downtown by 8:15 a.m. and at my desk by 8:30 a.m. I enjoy starting my day stress-free listening to music or a podcast and catching up with current events. There is always coffee at the office, so usually that’s my first stop!

Sometimes in the mornings there are firmwide meetings where we get to hear updates about major cases and clients. This past week we learned about a pro bono case where WilmerHale successfully petitioned the US military to upgrade a 90-year-old veteran’s discharge to “honorable,” allowing her to receive the benefits and dignity afforded to other veterans. The veteran, Helen Grace James, was dishonorably discharged in the 1950s because she was lesbian as part of the military’s efforts to remove gays and lesbians from its ranks. WilmerHale truly prides itself on its pro bono work, and it was great to hear about the real positive impacts that result from that commitment.

Next, I get to work on my assignments, ranging from research projects, helping with presentations, drafting and editing memos, and assisting with pro bono cases. Every attorney I work with is always happy to answer questions, and my mentors and writing coach are fantastic people to turn to for whatever help I need.

After that comes lunch—one of the best parts of the day! Almost every day the summer associates go to lunch with a group of attorneys. This is a great way to get to know the attorneys better and try all the amazing food spots in downtown L.A. With so many different restaurants, we never have to try the same place twice!

Lastly, once a week, the day ends with a social event. Some of my favorite events have been the Magic Castle in Hollywood, watching a Dodgers Game and karaoke in Little Tokyo. You’d be surprised how many attorneys can sing in the L.A. office! Attending events like these is a great way to build friendships with attorneys at the firm. The people at WilmerHale are truly what makes it such a great place to be. I love coming to work knowing I will be spending the day with an all-around amazing group of people. I look forward to the next six weeks!


  • Thomas Costello