First days on the job

First days on the job


There is always a rush of excitement when embarking on unfamiliar territory. Becoming a summer associate at WilmerHale was no different. Walking into orientation was like the first day of high school. Worried if people would like me and nervous about falling on my face, I braced myself for what was about to come. Unsurprisingly, the team at WilmerHale made me feel at home right away. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with open arms and can say that everyone at the firm is excited for us summers to be a part of the team.

Much of our first week as summer associates was filled with training sessions. In addition to learning about the firm's different resources and technology, we got a chance to test out the firm's scooters. However, the most surreal experience of the first week was being shown our offices. With our names on the door and a space to claim as our own, we were excited to dive into the next 10 weeks.

WilmerHale strikes a great balance between social activities, substantive work and personal development. With margarita-mixing competitions, softball games, sailing trips and weekly happy hours, the firm schedules a variety of fun and interesting events. Hunger will also not be an issue. In addition to a stocked pantry and a plethora of restaurant options, WilmerHale does a great job of keeping us fed during our training sessions and through its many events.

Although it has only been two weeks, I have already gotten a chance to work on both corporate and patent litigation matters. Further, I've had the opportunity to sit in on client calls and other firm wide training sessions. Although taking on one's first assignment can be nerve-racking, I have had the utmost support from my assigning attorneys and mentors. Everyone here seems invested in my future and I can feel that they want me to succeed.

As cliché as it may be, I chose WilmerHale for the people. During recruiting, I felt that the firm wanted to build a team of attorneys who were more than just smart and hard-working individuals. From initial interviews to callbacks, everyone I met at the firm had interesting backgrounds, a diverse set of hobbies and a humble charm that I could not resist. Now, as a summer associate, these “firm character traits” are more apparent than ever. From my limited time at the firm, I have found that everyone has an interesting story to share and strong commitment to the success of the WilmerHale team. With warm welcomes and great food, I am grateful that WilmerHale gave me the opportunity to join their firm.