Choosing WilmerHale

Choosing WilmerHale


One of the reasons why I chose WilmerHale was because I didn't have to decide which department I wanted to join. Sometimes being committal is scary, especially when all you've taken is first year courses. WilmerHale recognizes this. As such, summer associates are encouraged to take on a variety of assignments from different departments. The summer, as I was told during my interviews at the firm, is a time for us to find the type of work we really want to do. Although I knew I wanted to do corporate work, I was also curious about trying a few litigation assignments. As such, coming to a firm that let me explore all of my interests was important to me.

After eight weeks at WilmerHale (time has really flown by), I have firmly decided that I still do want to do corporate work. I am really happy that I get to work with innovative companies and have learned a tremendous amount through my assignments. My strong interest in technology and startups has made this office particularly interesting as the firm works with so many emerging companies., I am even more excited that first-year corporate associates get to have a lot of client contact. From what I've been told, many clients will communicate directly with first-year associates.

Even if you are a litigator at heart, I strongly suggest trying a corporate assignment during the summer. Law school, especially during 1L, teaches you a lot of litigation skills. However, there is a whole other aspect of being an attorney that law school doesn't teach you which is corporate work. Corporate work, unlike litigation, combines skills in the law, business, and client relations. I really enjoy the collaborative nature of corporate work, and enjoy that both parties are often working towards a similar goal. For those interested in startups, working with WilmerHale's corporate group exposes you to a wide variety of emerging companies. The firm also has WilmerHale Launch which is a program specifically designed to help startups succeed. As summer associates, we are given both observational opportunities and substantive work so that we can see how companies can develop from inception to exit.

Summer is coming to an end and the start of my 3L year is just a month away. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to spend my summer at WilmerHale and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Although there are only two weeks left in the summer program, I already know I am going to miss everyone here. It will definitely be odd not to see my office mate or scooter to different wings of the building with the rest of the summer associates. This summer has truly been an amazing learning opportunity and I can honestly say that I feel at home here.