End of Summer Reflections

End of Summer Reflections


Sadly, this blog post marks the end of my wonderful summer experience at WilmerHale's DC office. I spent a fair amount of time racking my brain for something to write about in closing, but the only thing that kept coming to mind was my Segway ride through DC.

The Segway tour of DC was one of the many summer associate activities organized by the firm. We summer associates started out at the tour company's office in Foggy Bottom, where we signed waivers (after scrupulously reading them in true lawyerly fashion, of course) and watched a short presentation of the (surprisingly numerous) ways in which one can become injured while riding a Segway.

Needless to say, I was extremely nervous. Not knowing how to ride a bike (or maintain proper balance in general), I felt very uncertain about my survival chances. I was especially skeptical of the tour guide's idea that I would eventually get past the fear, become comfortable with the Segway, and have fun.

But that's exactly what happened. Although the first 10 or 15 minutes were nothing short of terrifying, by the time we had left our first stop, the White House, I was beginning to slightly relax the death grip on my handlebars and breathe at a more normal pace. It only got better after we passed our second stop, the Washington Monument. Then at the third stop, the World War II Memorial, I managed to descend and ascend the Segway with no assistance, a remarkable feat, if I do say so myself, and quite a breakthrough for me.

As we made our way down the long path running alongside the Reflection Pool to the Lincoln Memorial, I actually began speeding up, letting go of my fears and enjoying myself. By the time we made it to the Lincoln Memorial, I was so comfortable on the Segway that instead of eagerly jumping off of it while we were taking a break, I joined the other summers in riding (and messing) around on the plaza at the foot of the Memorial.

I'm not sure why my experience on a Segway was what I subconsciously seemed set on writing about. I think it may be because the Segway tour was in many ways a reflection of my summer experience at WilmerHale. Despite the many amazing things previous summer associates had told me about the firm, I came in a little apprehensive, mostly because I wasn't sure what the summer would hold and whether I'd be able to rise to the occasion. But after just a few weeks, I ended up really acclimating to the firm, thanks to the wonderful support from everyone here. The longer I've been here, the more I find myself absolutely loving the experience. I really am going to miss the work and the people that I was exposed to at WilmerHale, and I can't wait to return as an associate.