Social Events

Social Events


Elisha, our Boston Legal Recruitment coordinator, just stopped by my office to drop off my official WilmerHale bowling t-shirt. It's navy blue and white with my name on the front and what I can only imagine is the WilmerHale team logo on the back. It's game time.

One of the many great parts about being a summer associate is that the firm, and the Legal Recruitment office in particular, has arranged for one or two fun after-work events a week. Last week we played Escape the Room; we were broken up into teams of three and had to solve a series of clues without instructions to escape a themed room. Two of the teams escaped, but one did not

Later in the summer we're going to have a casino night at Faneuil Hall using, I believe, chips that we can trade for prizes. We can pool our chips with associates, so there are rumors going around about which associates are the best gamblers. We had a karaoke night last week where a few partners blew us all away with their performances, and every Thursday the summers play the associates in softball right by the Charles MGH stop on the red line. A few weeks ago, partners had us over to their homes for dinner. And, as I mentioned in a previous post, we've learned to make pasta from scratch and we did end up seeing the Sox beat the Phillies.

Of course we're here to see what working at the firm is like, to take another step towards figuring out what kind of career we want, and to learn more about legal practice. But as everyone whom I've asked for career advice has told me, happiness at work is largely about the people you work with. If you like your co-workers—if they are kind, respectful and friendly—then you're exponentially more likely to be happy. By setting up these opportunities to get to know our co-workers better, the firm is giving us a chance to see if this is a place where we would be happy to work.